How To Reach Casa Isla Bella

Isla Mujeres which is also known as the Island of Women offers a fabulous island vacation option for those who would like to travel to Cancun area of the Mexican Caribbean, and for them Casa Isla Bella, is this beautiful island’s paradise that offers this ideal place to vacation with amenities that include swimming, snorkeling, ideal locations for intimate picnics and many more.

Isla Mujeres is where golf carts rule the road! Although they are not needed, it is the preferred mode of travel for some visitors. Some visitors prefer to only rent a cart for a few days as it gives them complete freedom to move throughout the island on their own schedule. Other days, they prefer to take a less expensive taxi to their destinations.

To enjoy the warm clear and blue waters of serene beaches of Isla Mujeres, reach here safely with our travel guide.

Local Vibes

  • **Prior to visiting, you will need to arrange for transportation from the airport to the Puerto Juarez Ultramar Ferry. Many visitors have mentioned great transport services provided by Happy Shuttle Cancun, CARM, and Canada Transfers. When booking a roundtrip shuttle, be sure to also purchase roundtrip ferry tickets as it will save you some time. When you get on the ferry, the ticket taker will give you back a piece of paper. Please don’t throw this away as it is your return ticket back to Cancun. Please put it in a safe place. Enjoy your 20-minute ferry ride as you cruise across the beautiful waters of the Caribbean!
  • **Once the ferry arrives at Isla Mujeres, you can either
  • 1) catch a taxi located on the left side of the building, or
  • 2) rent a golf cart from across the street, or
  • 3) have a golf cart pre-ordered through our concierge service that will deliver the cart to Casa Isla Bella.
  • Note: a taxi ride from the Ferry to Casa Isla Bella is only $5 USD for 3-4 people, and usually takes 10 minutes. Upon booking we can discuss what option may be best for your party.

Once you reach Casa Isla Bella, leave everything to us and enjoy your stay!

From Airport

Arrange a Shuttle Pick Up to drive you from the airport to Puerto Juarez, Ultramar Port. (this is the ferry port that goes over to Isla Mujeres). Although you can look online for transportation companies, we highly recommend Happy Shuttle Cancun for transportation. ( When making your reservation, advise the transportation company that you will need round trip transportation, and round trip Ferry tickets. They offer private shuttle service that will only include the members of your group only. Rates are listed on their website for each size group.

Once At The Ferry

The Ferry runs every half hour, on the hour.   Usually boarding 10 minutes before leaving the dock. Use your ferry tickets to ride the beautiful Ferry across the Caribbean Sea to Isla Mujeres. REMEMBER… when they tear off your ferry ticket, the remaining paper they return back to you will be your RETURN FERRY TICKET, so please keep safe for your return back to mainland Cancun when leaving. If you have luggage, you will need to enter the Ferry at the rear/back of the Ferry where you can store your luggage during transport. If it’s not raining, we recommend you sit upstairs so your can take some awesome pictures of the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

When You Arrive On The Island

You will either need to grab a taxi to get to your house, OR rent a golf cart from a local vendor. I would strongly recommend taking a cab/taxi to the house and arranging for a golf cart to be delivered PRIOR to taking your trip. Our concierge service can assist you with getting a golf cart delivered. Just let us know! Find the answers to your questions about houses for rent in Isla Mujeres, such as: transfer to the airport, the ferry, and once on the island.

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