Isla Mujeres Vacation Rentals Helpful Info

Exchanging Money

Once you arrive at the port on Isla Mujeres, there is a money exchange counter on your right. They have really good exchange rates, and it’s really convenient. They may limit you, per day, but it’s really easy to get to from anywhere on the island. The will require CASH when buying Pesos, so please bring cash with you.. They do not take a credit Card.

Renting A Golf Cart

IF YOU PERSONALLY RENT A GOLF CART FROM A LOCAL VENDOR (instead of using our concierge service) I would suggest that 1 person go to a local vendor across from the Ferry, while your party waits at the Ferry because they can stay with the luggage and you won’t have to carry it around with you. Once at the local golf cart vendor, most ONLY take cash. They advertise that they take credit cards, but they usually don’t…… So make sure you bring enough cash to cover your cart cost. Usually $60 USD – $65 USD per 24 hour period. They do not offer a weekly discounted rate.


Cabs/taxis are very reasonable on the island.. A taxi ride to the house per each taxi will be about $5 USD.

Words Of Advice

You may want to rent a golf cart for only a few days during your stay so you can explore the island totally. Then you may find it cost worthy to take a taxi everywhere else. From the house, the cost of a taxi to the beach area and shopping area downtown is only $5 USD, so you can take many trips and still save money by using a taxi. If you get a taxi that speaks English, I would recommend getting his phone number so you can call him directly for each ride. Our concierge service can also arrange a cab for you.. Just call them!

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